Robin James Sullivan


Everything and Nothing has Changed.

An 8 month public engagement project in the heart of the China Clay County by Queer artist and ceramicist Robin Sullivan. Focused on the destruction and reformation of 70km of land, it’s uses, communities and culture over millennia and into the future.


Creating space for communities to learn, share and celebrate together.

To kick start the programme Robin has organised Artefacts, a series of creative workshop and community consultations, taking place at Wheal Martyn Museum in February, Funded by FEAST. Participants will be guided back in time through the clay countries archaeology to its prehistoric landscape. 

Over 3 Saturdays Robin will be running public Ceramic workshops, Giving you the opportunity to create artefacts to be exhibited at the museum; recording local stories, and creating space for communities to learn, share and celebrate together. 

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Collaborating with archaeologists, museums, arts festivals, and community groups, throughout 2021 Robin will be hosting archaeological field trips with leading expert Peter Herring; producing a documentary on the Archaeology of the St Austell China Clay Area, Running sculpture building workshops, and finally producing an awe inspiring Live Art Ceramic Firing event at White Gold Festival 2021.


And Every Thing And Nothing Has Changed - From Robin James Sullivan