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ParBay Pottery Patchwork Project

Pottery Pitcher Patchwork Project. 

This is the centre-piece of the project and will symbolically celebrate the strength our  community, whilst also helping us to remember those we have lost. 

The process we put the Giant Pitcher through is a reflection of Par Bay’s Covid story. First of all it will be built out of toughened clay by our ceramicist, and then broken into over  fifty pieces. As they are fired, they will warp very slightly and so never fit perfectly together  again. 

These altered pieces represent the changes forced upon us by Covid19:  the tragic losses, the isolation, the queues, the masks… 

and so the pieces go into isolation too, shared out around PL24 for individuals to paint and  decorate in their own unique way. 

Then, the finished pieces will come back in and the Pitcher will be re-built – the gluing back together will symbolise the unfailing strength of our community as  we stood, united against the pandemic.  

The warped edges of the Pitcher will represent the scars PL24 has endured, while the  beautiful singular designs will stand out in dramatic contrast to reflect the unique  personalities who make up the essential ingredients of our strong and vibrant  community. 

We intend for the Pitcher to eventually be displayed as a piece of public art within Par Bay.