You could have heard a pin drop!

What a fantastic turn out for our first workshop! We originally had twelve people who signed up at the promotional event back in August, but today we had twenty participants when we opened our Zoom doors! There are more people signing up every day too which is BRILLIANT!

I’m so glad we made our facebook films to help those who can’t make the sessions because it now means that anyone can join, anytime, and still be able to make their clay house even after our workshops have finished.

It didn’t take long for participants to become absorbed in their creations and the ensuing silence really highlighted the intense level of concentration amongst children and adults alike. It was great to see people so immersed – you could have heard a pin drop!

Two lovely families took part today and the children were so enthusiastic that they completed their whole houses during this first session - and what amazing houses they produced (see photos). Their parents fed back afterwards, commenting on how much their children had enjoyed the session which was lovely to hear – we really enjoyed meeting you and working with you too!

Can’t wait to see how many people have joined us by next week!

You can find films explaining how to make the houses and lovely pictures of what people have made so far if you visit our facebook group here:

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