Yoga, Dance and Drawing.

We had a session full of mixed emotions this week, we were delighted with the progress everyone has made during these workshops, and how much their drawing techniques have developed throughout the course, but we were also very sad to be saying farewell to our lovely group since this was our last scheduled workshop.

The title of this week’s session was: Celebratory Drawing which involved yoga, dance and drawing inspired by celebratory music.

Participants were encouraged to use large surfaces for their drawings and worked on the floor, incorporating the floor textures in their drawings. They worked independently to translate the rhythm and mood of the music.

It was clear, from the work produced, that the group are now able to confidently apply the ideas and techniques explored throughout the course when creating their drawings. It’s wonderful to see how far everyone has come, your beautiful drawings are proof that these sessions have been a real success.

Thank you for being such lovely participants.

We hope that this won’t be a long goodbye and look forward to working with you all again very soon.

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