Tonight Harry I am going to be...

Isolated improv. workshop write-up 10 27/03/2021.

What a fantastic session we had!! Who knew what would happen when we decided to come along as a character. Everyone really did an amazing job and it was great to meet these amazing new people, although I have to say it was rather alarming just how many of them were just a tad shady and suspicious with some very questionable pasts. I wouldn't trust a single one of them! Great fun!

Denise - A spurned, slightly murderous magician’s assistant.

Olga - A Russian lady that likes to travel, she may or may not be a spy.

Debbie - an abandoned American camp leader, who runs a questionable camp, the rumours aren't true!

Sharron Shakespeare - Cousin of Will, equally as good - she thinks.

Nicholas - A pint sized actor, looking for his ultimate role (he was actually a sock!!)

Simon - A vicar with a secret and a mail order bride.

Natasha- Simon's Russian bride, who runs a lucrative 'massage' business amongst the parishioners

Tammy - An American stay at home mother of 5, with a small farm and a big love of Jesus.

Lilith - She lives 'downstairs' and she knows exactly what’s being going on.


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