Those who build clay houses

Well we’re up to around 40 participants now! WOW!

Not everyone attends the Zoom sessions because of work or school commitments and so they are using our Facebook films instead, but still feed back to us via messages and pictures which is great because it keeps us all connected.

Those who do attend the zoom sessions are really enjoying meeting each other and making new friends, especially during these times when face to face workshops are virtually impossible – also we wouldn’t have been able to reach so far afield if we weren’t using Zoom, so it definitely does have its advantages.

Today was very relaxed with all of us happily chatting as we worked with our clay and so even though we were online it really did have the feel of a real workshop, and the houses are looking gorgeous!

Right we’re off to prepare and deliver some more clay to all of our new participants now. There are going to be so many lovely houses and we are particularly looking forward to seeing the variety of interpretations of the theme Clay Rooms from Memory too.

We were hoping to have a street of houses to display at the end of this project but it’s looking more like it might be a whole town now!! ☺ HOORAY!

You can find films explaining how to make the houses and lovely pictures of what people have made so far if you visit our facebook group here:

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