“There wasn’t one Welsh dresser amongst them!”

Poetry workshop write-up 09 04/02/2021.

I write something similar every week, but it has to be said: we had another lovely evening full of tremendous poems which as usual amazed me, especially given that the group have so little time to come up with their wonderful words.

The exercise was ‘Still there’ which continued on from writing in a different voice – also requiring participants to write from an altered perspective. The group had to imagine a lone object in an otherwise empty room and then write a poem of two parts: first a description of the object and then an explanation as to why it was there alone. The difficult bit was the perspective, and there were a variety to choose from, with our poets narrating as the chair itself; the actual room; the owner; or a stranger. Whatever they chose, their poem had to remain in character throughout. The results were fantastic, all so individual and yet surprisingly all about chairs/poufs! In the words of Jeff, “There wasn’t one Welsh dresser amongst them!” haha! We came to the conclusion that the first thing we look for in a room is somewhere to sit.

Freda chose a great theme tonight: ‘Emotions’ and this inspired a wide range of ideas and styles with everyone approaching it from a completely different angle. Some poems were full of raw emotion while some dissected and analysed, and others even embodied the emotions themselves – WOW!

Before signing off I mentioned that we only had three workshops left and people seemed genuinely disappointed to hear this. I went on to explain how I am putting in an application for funding to begin a second Covid and Beyond Project and that any feedback would be most welcome. Everyone was so lovely, saying they didn’t want our group to end and that they would write in support of how successful these workshops have been. Then people started talking about making placards and holding Zoom meetings with the funders to fight for our cause – how wonderful is that!? I came away feeling extremely humbled and full of gratitude for having had the opportunity to meet, work with and make friends with all of the smashing people in my group. I have also told them that we will carry on whether I get the funding or not, I couldn’t bear to stop now that we have built such a great poetry group.

Have a look at the poems in our gallery or check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/poetryfromparbay/


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