The ‘pot’ is cooking!


Here’s the first glimpse of our Pottery Patchwork Project getting underway.

First Gill created outline shapes of the pitcher panels on paper and then drew the individual jigsaw piece templates. She then used these to cut out the clay shapes which are now sitting on temporary shelves while they dry out – and taking up half of poor Gill’s house in the process.

It won’t be long now before these pieces can go out to people in the community for decoration (adhering to strict Covid safety rules of course). What a wonderfully creative way to be occupied during lockdown!

Once painted, they will then all come back to Gill to be re-assembled into her beautiful Grecian pitcher design, each unique piece colourfully reflecting the vibrant individuality of our wonderful Par Bay residents.

Participants will also be invited to write on the reverse of their pitcher piece, expressing their feelings; remembering dear loved ones; or praising our local lockdown heroes at this time.

The words will then be transferred to a border around the pitcher panels where they will be forever visible for future residents to read and absorb.

If you would like to take part and haven’t already signed up please contact:

Jayne – tel: 01726 812529 email:

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