The first piece of pottery patchwork is completed!

The first piece has been delivered back to me and if this is an indicator of the sort of artwork that’s to follow, then our pitcher is going to be more extraordinary than I ever imagined. The dear lady who painted this piece has created a lovely Spring landscape including a striking cherry tree in full bloom with blossoms drifting gently down over the scene.

And if that’s not enough, on the back there is a beautiful poem, continuing the theme of Spring and hope:

No hugs or kisses, but love is still there,

Friends lost, new friends found,

New skills learnt, new pathways found,

Precious life will emerge and blossom with the seasons.

Most of the pieces have been delivered out to local people now and some are here awaiting collection. I’m delighted to say that the residents of Trecarrel residential home and Hendra Court Care home are getting involved too, with several pieces going to each home for the residents to decorate. I’m sure they will enjoy the creativity, but also I feel that this will be a lovely way for the residents to connect and be part of our community project too, especially at this time when they must all be feeling quite isolated.

There a just a few pieces left from this first panel and so if you would like to join us and create your own design please contact me via email at or call me on 07969 378 052.

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