‘Sit, stand and lean’

I can’t believe we’re at the half-way mark of these sessions already, the weeks have flown by so quickly and we’ve made so many friends, both close to home and far away that I can’t bear to think of the workshops coming to an end. I heard tonight that the Pudsey clan are already talking about coming down for a holiday once lockdown is over so that we can all finally meet properly. Guys PLEASE DO come down, it will be fantastic to see you and do some live improvising together.

Tonight we did one of my favourite old games adapted from that brilliant tv show, ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ It was called ‘Sit, stand and lean’ and involved three actors. I gave them a scenario to play with, but the difficult part to this game was that at all times, one person has to be sitting, one has to be standing and the other leaning, then whenever one person changes their posture the others have to adapt to accordingly. It was so funny watching the sudden switches happening, all at the same time as improvising your sketches! Gerica pointed out how having to keep one eye on the postures helped to take away any inhibitions – our brains just can’t do that much all at once and so the nerves tend to get pushed to the side. Good point Gerica!

I did notice how some of our more shy participants are suddenly keeping their screens on and openly volunteering to join in with the games now which is lovely and the rising confidence just shows how well we’ve all bonded as a group. Having said that, our group is still growing - we were delighted to welcome two more new members to our group tonight, one from Pudsey and one from Par – welcome aboard Jane and Jade, lovely to meet you. This took us up to an amazing thirteen participants tonight!

Scenario highlights:

The two workmen who found treasure buried on site and then had to hide it from their foreman had us in stitches. The looks on your faces were hilarious.

Then we had a bank robber, a security guard and a poor cashier having to deal with the robbery on her first day at work.

Our final game was ‘Sculptor and clay’. Everyone was sent off in pairs to the breakout rooms where person A had to ‘sculpt’ person B into a statuesque pose. Then, when the group convened again each sculptor had to explain the history behind their sculpture. We had a warrior, a bus station statue (picking his nose!), an adaptation of ‘the thinker’ and even a Mars landing where Michelle’s hand was the spaceship and her head was Mars!

The game then switched with the statue telling their own story of why they were in that pose – and it turned out that the Mars landing lady was someone who had superglued her fingers to her head! We NEVER saw that coming Michelle and Gerica, haha!!

Look out for the posts on facebook this week guys, where I’ll be asking for any storyboard/scenario suggestions you might want us to work on in upcoming workshops.


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