Recipe for 2021- Poetry Workshop

Poetry workshop write-up 07 21/01/2021.

I think the best way to sum up this week’s workshop is to quote Jeff:

“Everybody was ‘on form’ – some people have been eating vitamins over Christmas!”

It really was an incredible session which left us all buzzing!

We started fifteen minutes early tonight, as we decided this would be a good way to prevent us from running over time – which failed miserably, haha, but only because people wanted to stay on and chat about how well everyone had done.

I set the most difficult exercise to date, it was called ‘Recipe for 2021’ and the group were

expected to write from experience, describing an area of their life which feels successful, or one that needs some drastic improvement. The difficult bit was then having to translate this poetically into the form and style of a traditional recipe.

I extended the writing time a little, giving the group around seven minutes to come up with their poem sketches.

Sue read hers out first and set the bar very high with her wonderfully passionate Serving up a rap video for peace. It was clearly written straight from the heart and received a massive round of applause. After that poems covered themes of homework pressures, getting a good night’s sleep, how to write a poem and finally how to paint a room – or rather how not to, which Liz had to stop reading half way through because we were all laughing so much. It had us in stitches!

Then, our theme for this week was waves which brought forth beautiful sea maidens, scary tsunamis – coming right for us, a cavalcade of waves that made us think of Cornish beaches, and then even physics ‘o’ level ripple tanks! What a wonderful mix.

I’ve sent the transcripts out and am just waiting for approval before posting them on our Facebook page – can’t wait for our readers to see these!

How on earth are we going to keep this up guys?!

Have a look at the poems in our gallery or check out our Facebook page


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