Poetry workshop write-up

Everyone had a great time at our second workshop in Par Community Garden.

The sun was shining down, naturally lifting our spirits and giving us all hope that Cornwall’s traditional Indian Summer is on its way.

The writing exercise was ‘The Proposal’. I was a bit worried at first as this exercise is number 10 in our book, dropping the new group into one of the more challenging exercises. There was no need to worry though because our poets tackled it exceedingly well, creating some smashing poems which all told a great story in the process! We were amazed to discover that Sue and Lynn had both written about their original snap decisions to move to Cornwall – clearly some subliminal synchronisation going on in the magical gardens tonight!

Our theme was ‘Waves’ and inspired two wonderful poems about the sea plus one full of Sue’s insights and personal feelings about the many waves created by Covid.

At the end Lynn shared two of the poems from her great, great mother-in law’s book which she has recently discovered hidden away with family belongings. We were all inspired by the incredible Victorian pen(wo)manship and poetic talent of Evelyn, her beautifully crafted words express very real and, timeless emotions.

We were delighted to hear one of Jon’s published poems and see it there in print in ‘VIVID Dreams London’, a publication of artistic works created by people with Parkinson’s disease. Well done Jon!

Really looking forward to typing up tonight’s poems and getting them published on our Facebook page.

Have a look at the poems in our gallery or check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/poetryfromparbay/


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