Poetry workshop write-up

We had a lovely session this evening. We started off with a very interesting conversation about how poetry is so much more than just the words on the page – it’s the relationships between those words: the individual sounds, the beats and inflections, the rhythms which all bring so much more to a good poem and make it well worth re-reading again and again.

Our first exercise was Early Ambition and it took everyone on a journey through their early dreams, how we felt about them, whether we carried them forward with us and how we feel about them now. Once again, amazing and yet completely different poems were created from being a bird, through to being a footballer and then a preacher!

We had a picture for the second exercise, made up of two pictures spliced together showing the same view but in completely different weather conditions, one full of sea mist, the other in bright sunshine. Even though the poems were all completely unique, in their own way, they all picked up on the ambiguity of the mist and the clarity and joy brought by the sunshine.

We also had some lovely poetry readings from everyone tonight too.

Thank you, wonderful poets for such a smashing evening.

Have a look at the poems in our gallery or check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/poetryfromparbay/


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