Poetry workshop write-up

This was the first of our face to face workshops and as the weather is still quite warm we met outside, in Par Community Gardens which was a lovely venue.

Sue and Freda from out online group came along and it was so good to see them in the flesh rather than just on a computer screen. We also welcomed Jon whom we met at our Cross-Pollination open-mic night on Monday, and Lynn who said that she has wanted to join for a while, but wasn’t that keen on the idea of Zoom workshops. With many more people working from home on their laptops these days, I’m hardly surprised.

Jon very kindly gave all of us a copy of one of his poetry books and showed us some of his others – we have a published poet amongst us!!! ☺ He also spoke about his passion to promote diversity awareness through poetry – the power of the word strikes again!

Our first exercise was Toy Story (from our book) and everyone tackled it head on, creating some smashing pieces. Then we chose Faces for out theme and this inspired some really interesting concepts – check out the poems on our project blog.

At the end of the session Lynn showed me a beautiful old book which she found whilst sorting through old family belongings – it’s a poetry collection written by one of her ancestors with almost the same name (Evelyn). Lynn is considering writing a modern day poetry collection to go beside it and we all thought this was a fantastic idea?

Then Freda told me that when she gets back home to Manchester she is going to be running some poetry workshops for children, and she will be using some of our writing exercises – way to go Freda!!!

It’s wonderful to see that people are using their wonderful words outside of our group too, HOORAY!

I’m so glad that we can hold these extra workshops, they will compliment our Zoom sessions and it’s lovely to know that we can now reach those participants who’d rather not meet via their laptop.

Have a look at the poems in our gallery or check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/poetryfromparbay/


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