Poetry workshop write-up

It was really uplifting to meet up again after what seems like such a long time away due to the dreaded Covid.

Everyone was on form and the poems were all wonderful as usual.

The first exercise was ‘Ode to what ails’ and it encouraged our poets to write an ode to a part of themselves which they didn’t like. In their poem they had to counter any negative feelings with positive and sympathetic ones and we had some great responses. This one caused quite a few laughs since waistlines, ears that stuck out, thumbs that didn’t match and even the mind was included.

Next up Freda chose ‘colours’ for our theme and this produced surprising results which led us into discussions about how we seem to automatically associate certain colours with moods, feelings and even smells! Interestingly most of the group also wrote about non-colours too: black and white, and colour draining away at dusk.

I’ve missed you guys so much, it’s really good to be back running the workshops with you all again.

Have a look at the poems in our gallery or check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/poetryfromparbay/


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