Poetry workshop write-up

We were low on numbers tonight, but very high on quality with Khadijah and Jeff writing the most incredible poems.

Our first exercise involved working around Wordsworth’s wonderful Daffodils, and was quite a lot more complicated and prescribed than usual so I extended the time limit, but the poem sketches were nevertheless completed in just over ten minutes – AMAZING! It was really interesting to hear how our writers had played with the ideas and written completely contrasting poems, yet with some uncanny similarities too: they had to begin their poem with ‘I wandered lonely as…’ and both chose ‘traveller’! Jeff’s arresting vision was of a dandelion seed, beautifully described, capturing its intricacy perfectly, while Khadijah’s arresting view was of modern day windmills – in stark contrast to Wordsworth’s world and words. We couldn’t help but make links here between the seed-head and windmill too, not only do they have a similar outline shape, they are both powered and driven by the wind - WOW. Nothing was said beforehand that could have influenced these ideas in any way and so how did our writers end up being so in sync – the magic and mystery that is poetry!!

Our second exercise was using a picture to influence our writing and this week it was a gorgeous iridescent close-up photograph of a dragonfly’s wing which drew out images of stained glass for Jeff, leading to heartfelt stories of churches and reverence for those who built them. Khadijah saw the myriad of colours too, this time reflecting inwards and outwards through a lovely weaving of words.

Thank you guys, what a wonderful wow-factor evening.

Can’t wait to see you all again!

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