Poetry workshop write-up 29/10/2020.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Had a great first session with a lot of laughs, and it was lovely to finally meet and chat with some of our local poets.

These workshops provide a place where we can all meet and make connections as we write and share our poetry. We will also play around with different writing exercise each week, before coming up with some very quick, on the spot poetry. Everyone can then continue to work on their poems at home, then come back and share them with the rest of the group the following week.

This evening we experimented with a poetic exploration of ‘still life’ and then did some free writing to help with this week’s themed poem.

I was so impressed with the diversity of work produced, and all at such high speed. Some of the language and ideas were incredible, such as Sue’s beautiful ‘Atomic Amare ’alliteration.

Our ‘toilet roll’ theme had mixed reactions, but was nevertheless ‘absorbing’- haha, taking people in completely different directions.

Clive wrote this in just a couple of minutes:

Woodland glade,

Hiding in the shade

Not afraid to do anything

Except be free

Without a lavatory.

Freda, at the age of 9 stunned us with her talent when she read out one of her previously written poems,

‘The poem that spoke me’.

Bored silence rolled around the house,

Found or given, I stumbled upon the book:

It read me, scammed my soul.

My pen flowed words just like a stream

My memories bubbled up inside my mouth

The poem spoke me.

Crammed up memories

banged down the cellar door.

The pen moved my hand,

my thoughts unleashed.

The world endangered,

my pen dropped -


as my thoughts died down.

When talking about why we like writing poetry, we all agreed that:

· It was a form of clarification.

· A condensed way of thinking, distilling an overall feeling and encapsulating what feels like a big thing –beautifully put Clive!

· And a great way to let out our emotions.

Can’t wait to see what we come up with next week guys!

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