Poetry workshop write-up 13/05/2021.

I was completely blown away yet again tonight by the incredible poems that were produced there on the spot, and within such a strict timeframe too.

Our first exercise was ‘Reminds me of you’, where our poets had to think about someone they knew well. They then had to recall an item or object closely associated to that person and use that as a vessel through which they could reveal their character.

It got everyone thinking and scribbling away fast, barely looking up at all during the five minutes writing time. The poems were all completely different, and yet they all ended with a ‘reveal’, and the stories came pouring out in these wonderful words. We had brylcreem distilling through well-worn caps, a beautiful swirling cape enfolding lovers across continents…and a mother’s gallstones in a bag! It doesn’t get much more diverse than that folks! Amazing!

Our second exercise was another music experiment. This week we wrote along to Manuel De Falla’s Spanish Dance No. 1 and the intensely swirling piece created similar responses in the poems even though their stories were worlds apart. Bright lights, sparkling streams and arms/branches reaching up and swaying cropped up in both – clearly mirroring the highs, lows and dramatic turning points in the music. I really enjoy the discussions after these sessions where we analyse the effects of music on our poetry.

I’m so proud of this group and the marvellous poems our writers create. I can’t wait to see the poetry booklet in print for all to see at next week’s project end event.

Have a look at the poems in our gallery or check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/poetryfromparbay/


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