Picasso and Weighting a Composition

Session 6 went very well with a real surge in the amount of drawing that went on. Our theme was: The Role of Weighting in Composition.

Participants were asked to make a short study of the way black, white and mid tones were used to create an illusion of 3/d in Picasso’s painting Glass, Guitar and Bottle (1913). Then, the task was to invent a composition using shapes and tones to create an abstract drawing.

Even though deconstructing the Picasso was a challenging task, the participants were very absorbed in it and really dived in enthusiastically when it was their turn to have a go with the main drawing tasks.

It was smashing to see how much confidence is clearly growing within the group when everyone was keen to show their drawings, this was also great because it gave us a chance to see the proof that all had evidently understood the concept of weighting.

We had some lovely feedback at this halfway mark in our workshops, with people commenting that the course had exceeded expectations and was delivering the foundations of drawing in an accessible and inspiring way. Our lovely participants also mentioned how much they felt their confidence had grown over the time.

Delighted with our Doodlers!

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