Park Bench - Make us Giggle!

Isolated improv. workshop write-up 11 03/04/2021.

Unbelievably funny session tonight, I think we all laughed so, so much!

We had fun with a zoom version of park bench, an improv classic where participants have to try to make the others on the ‘park bench’ break character, usually by making them laugh. We adapted this for Zoom, making it a rule that people had to switch off their screen if they were out and some were giggling so much that they could barely get a line out before having to disappear.

Then we played what was unanimously voted the funniest game yet, where once a scene was underway, I could interject at any point, changing it to a different style/genre, such as: murder mystery, romance, blue peter, a western and a Carry on film - and my God it was hilarious every time!!

I was also really excited to announce that we’ve been invited to take part in Robin Sullivan’s An Other Space (Nine Stones) project. He is creating a ‘stone’ circle from nine beautifully handcrafted willow and paper Mache, 2 metre high structures which will all be lit from the inside like giant lanterns. We have been invited to perform some live improv games there in the illuminated ‘stone’ circle on the evening of June 5th and the group were thrilled when I told them about this – they’re already buzzing about what games we could play.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week, every session is so much fun!


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