Nursery Rhymes to Veggie Piranhas!

The session went really well tonight, especially the impressive pace of improvisation, with people really thinking on their feet.

We began with the intro game as usual and the stories were great, for instance with people saying they were from California or Australia; they were princesses; they have sung rude words in front of the queen (which surprisingly was actually true!); and they were experimenting with making snow out of carrots! As you can imagine the laughter was already underway.

‘Fortunately, unfortunately’ was the next game with everyone taking turns as quickly as they could, to respond to someone else’s previous comment: if they started with ‘fortunately’, the next person had to begin with ‘unfortunately’ and the group came up with some excellent counter remarks: “Unfortunately there’s no toilet paper – fortunately it’s raining – unfortunately all over my field – fortunately it slopes – unfortunately right towards my house” and so on, and somehow this phrase trail ended with vegetarian piranhas!

After recovering from our giggles, we played the ‘alphabet game’, requiring more quick-fire responses from the group. The first person’s line had to begin with the letter ‘a’ and whatever they said, the next person’s line had to start with the letter ‘b’, working through the whole alphabet until the poor unfortunate soul who has to end with a word beginning with ‘z’. This game also evolved around an opening scenario, the first time we were all in prison and ended up with ‘Z cars’, the second time we were queuing at a festival toilet which was broken, which took a surprisingly military turn and then finished on Zut Alors. Again I was so impressed with how quickly the game progressed, the ideas were positively exploding.

‘Nursery news’ was more involved, requiring even more concentration. The group had to treat a nursery rhyme as a news item. We had Sally and Jack as our anchors in the news room, with Josh reporting live from the scene. He was interviewing a passer-by (who turned out to be Little Bow Peep) who had helped to resuscitate Humpty Dumpty when the horseman and horse hadn’t bothered to help him. The horse-man and horse ended up having an argument when the horse grassed on the horse-man, revealing that he had indeed been the one to push Humpty off the wall – and for some reason Humpty had a Scottish accent.

All in all this was the most whacky and hilarious evening so far. Thank you improvisers much for creating so much laughter, you’re all incredible and I can’t wait until we can all meet safely to create some face to face drama sketches.


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