New beginnings

It was so lovely to see everyone again after our short break, we only had a week off, but it feels like so much longer.

Tonight’s exercise was the most difficult one so far and I have to admit that I introduced it with a good deal of trepidation. After repeating the instructions a couple of times I sat back crossing fingers and toes as I waited to see what blossomed. The exercise began by looking at the concept of new beginnings, but focussing on the emotional journey that entails, rather than an actual story of events. Our writers had to craft each stanza around one particular named emotion and then surround it with a detailed poetic description of its physical effects on them. The results were stunning with everyone rising admirably to the challenge, and Poppy, who said that she had found it difficult actually produced her best work ever! Very well done Poppy, and everyone else too, HOORAY!

Lorraine chose our theme tonight, which was ‘pop’ and this created a lot of laughs and, as expected, a massive variety of poetry. I think the group covered every possible version and meaning of the word, we had bursting balloons and bubbles, then pop music, people popping their clogs and of course that wonderful fizzy drink that most people remember from their childhood days.

Lovely poems!

I promise it will be an easier exercise next week guys – I’m ‘sensing’ some sense of place poetry is needed for our final week! Don’t worry, this is NOT going to be final in any way, after a few weeks off we’ll be back with our pens and paper for the next leg of the adventure! I love this group far too much to ever bring it to a close.

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