Metamorphosis & Pirates!

Yet again I was thrilled with everyone’s amazing poems last night!

I felt that the group were ready to get their teeth into something a little tougher this week and so our first writing exercise was Metamorphosis, which encouraged us to write from an altered perspective; through the eyes of a different creature. I allowed more time for this exercise too: a yawning whole 5 minutes, haha!

Although it was a little harder people still said they enjoyed working on it, and the results were incredible, with the completely different characters all coming through with such clarity and depth. Check out Freda’s brilliant snappy rhythms and internal rhymes, and then the lovely alliteration in Sue’s beautifully thought out descriptions. Liz took us on a complete journey full of lovely sensory imagery which really helped us to feel the internal thoughts and perceptions of a wolf on its evening prowl, and then Simon got the voice of his cat purrrfectly as he showed us life from his cat’s elevated point of view – making it very clear who rules the roost in his house, haha. They are all such smashing examples of internalising and writing from another point of view.

Liz chose our theme this week: Pirates and, as with our tree theme, although they were all very different poems, a combined, universal image seemed to flow through them all – this time it was a mixture of danger and fearlessness, manifesting itself in diverse ways at certain points in each poem. I extended the writing time for this exercise too this week, and those extra two minutes have taken the poetry to another level. Freda amazed us with her free writing which turned into a rap full of beats!

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Can’t wait for next Thursday to come!

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