Me and my Humans

I was rescued from Benidorm by German Shepherd rescue when I broke my leg and nearly starved. My family collected me from South Wales which was scary as they just put me in the car and drove off. They fed me really nice treats so thought they were ok

We got into a routine of me going to my uncle’s house twice a week when my owners are both working . Rest of the time walls at the beach twice a day. Made friends with cats - I would rather have a doggy friend but he is better than nothing and company when my humans are out. Managed to go out into the garden after the cat, through cat flap.

Bad news in early March my humans put in double glazing and changed door to one with a smaller cat flap. Joke is the cat is basically too large for it too.

Lockdown started. My humans are at home all the time which is great. No separation anxiety now for me. We walk now just from home and for the hour although I only walk one human at a time to keep within the law.

Less cars on the road have increased air quality . It’s so peaceful and there are more baby birds. We have two new swallows’ nests and landed up with 12 babies.

Downside is the number of cyclists has gone up dramatically. I have to warn my family just in case because I know that they are dangerous.

I walk my humans round our fields several times a day. They are full on mice and moles. Cat has taught me to catch mice. On the rare occasions that I catch one it’s a treat - like the taste takes me back to my time in Spain.

Dream of normal being able to go out for all day walks with both my humans.

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