Kick starting the clay rooms workshops

Updated: Feb 18

We’re so excited to finally be starting the Clay rooms from Memory workshops, and delighted that so many participants have signed up to join us. We’ve had a very busy time cutting out and preparing all of the clay pieces, then packaging it carefully, closely following the Covid safety guidelines.

Over the last week all packs have been delivered out to people living locally – but some we couldn’t deliver and had to post, because those participants are from way down West in Helston and even as far away as Wales! It’s wonderful to think that we are making connections with these distant Celtic cousins too!

There are two short video lessons on our Facebook page to provide further support for people in-between sessions, or if you perhaps can’t make the actual live workshop.

We’ll be waiting there to greet participants this Wednesday (17th) at 2:00pm, can’t wait to meet you all!

You can find our facebook group here:

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