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So delighted to finally be launching the Journal Writing element of our project this week. Listening to the news about how lockdown restrictions are going to be eased for the Christmas break helped to prompt my very first Facebook post on the 25th November:

How do you feel about the 5 day relaxation of the Covid rules over Christmas?

No judgments, no arguments, just one post per person. Post a comment here and be part of the Covid and Beyond Project’s Living through History page. We want to capture the feelings of local residents like YOU so that future generations can read and learn about what living alongside this pandemic was really like for the people of Par Bay.

I posted this to a number of local sites, with a certain amount of trepidation considering that this is such a sensitive and raw topic for all of us in many ways. I left it live for 24 hours to capture a one day snap-shot response (and to avoid it turning into a long and volatile debate as can often happen when opinions are divided on social media).

I’m very glad to say that our community got this, and I received over sixty comments in that short time, plus a number of new recruits to the project’s Journal Facebook group. The opinions revealed without a doubt that the majority of our residents remain very fearful and were against the easing of restrictions which just goes to show what a caring, thoughtful and concerned community we are here in Par Bay.

As we have now gained some new members to the Journal writing group, I felt it was important to put out a poster reiterating what it’s all about so that everyone understands why I am running this element of the project.

These short Facebook comments, along with the longer submitted journal entries are going to be such a vital part of our project. The local residents of Par Bay are at the heart of everything we are trying to achieve – it’s YOUR project and YOUR voices are its very foundations.


To join out Journal Writing Facebook group to to:

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