Journal group meeting 7th April 2021.

It was so lovely to see everyone tonight. Our meeting was full of hope and joy as Cathy and Sue told us about the imminent arrival of relatives next week, which is now allowed as the lockdown restrictions continue to ease. They were both so excited at the thought of finally being able to see their loved ones after such a long time apart. The anticipation and delight was written all over their faces and I’m sure it warmed the hearts of everyone else as much as it did mine.

We all seemed to glow tonight, perhaps it’s the long walks we’re all enjoying at the moment, and the fact that it was still light outside when we began the meeting at half past seven – a perfect end to another sunny Spring day.

We chatted about sightings of swallows and pathways edged with celandines; the emergent bluebells and irises, breaking free from their own Winter lockdown – we’re like those flowers, all coming out of hibernation after a year of being ‘submerged’ behind closed doors. We’re all still concerned about Covid, obviously, but with vaccinations under our belt and the infection rates falling there really is good reason for hope.

Thank you all for filling me with a lovely warm glow tonight you wonderful journal writers.

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