Journal group meeting 28th April 2021.

Well that was our final Journal Group meeting, so even though we’ve all had a smashing chat with lots of laughs, it feels very sad to think we won’t be doing this again.

On a positive, I’m sure we will all be keeping in touch; bonds have been made now and we will most certainly all remain good friends.

Several ideas about ways to keep in touch have come up: bat watching on Summer evenings; getting together to play music; sea swimming; and just meeting up for a coffee sometime soon.

I have loved our meetings and feel privileged to have been part of a wonderful group where free and from the heart conversation has reigned. I will always treasure the smashing journal entries that have been so openly shared and as soon as they are all compiled into a booklet they will be printed out for all the world to see. These writings will show future generations snippets of real people’s lives, telling the stories of how we all adapted and kept going through the hardest of times. The resilience of humankind never ceases to amaze me.



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