Journal group meeting 17th March 2021.

We had a very short meeting tonight but it was still lovely to see everyone.

When talking about our journals, one lady remarked that her entries often feel quite repetitive these days and she was worried that this would not make interesting reading for others. I still encouraged her to write everything down though because it is a true depiction of what life is really like for many of us during these Covid lockdown times. In the future, when others read what we’ve written and look back at how we lived through this pandemic, they won’t see just the mundane; they will notice the little things we did to keep ourselves going while we had to stay at home.

We’re nearly there now folks, the vaccines are speeding along and the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel is almost within our grasp.

If you’d like to join in and become one our project journal writers, please contact me via email at:

or you’d be most welcome to join our facebook group where you will have the opportunity to add sorter comments on a range questions related life during this current moment in time:


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