Journal group meeting

Not so many of us could make it tonight, but we still had a lovely chat. One of the things I love most about our group is how positive everyone is. No one is in denial; we all recognise that there is plenty of horrible stuff going on, but we just all seem to gravitate towards the positives. This has nothing to do with any direction from me; it happens all on its own and reflects the congenial, optimistic nature of the participants in the group. Meeting each week is definitely worthwhile because by the time we’ve all chipped in with our own bit of happiness it suddenly feels like there’s quite a lot of it about and we all depart feeling uplifted. THANK YOU LOVELY WRITERS!

Really looking forward to reading what everyone sends in this week.

If you’d like to join in and become one our project journal writers, please contact me via email at:

or you’d be most welcome to join our facebook group where you will have the opportunity to add sorter comments on a range questions related life during this current moment in time:


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