Join the Improv fun

We had such a giggle again last night. I was delighted to see so many participants, fourteen in total, what a turn out!

We began with our introductions, which as usual could be real or completely fake. Some of the imagined ‘facts’, such as people being able to fly (but only on every other Thursday) were a little more obvious than others, haha.

The first game involved three players, who were in a video conference setting, they had to improvise the scene with me interjecting every so often shouting, ‘Your screen froze!’ At this point, whoever was talking had to instantly change their last line. This led to some really funny, unexpected twists and turns.

The second group to go made up a crazy story involving five actors: a shop keeper, a detective, a reporter, a forensic expert and… a rice crispy thief!

Our final game was pass the story, and for this each player had to make up their part of a tale before passing it on to the next unsuspecting participant to continue. I was amazed to see how quickly everyone jumped in to take centre ‘screen’ and add their own bit of magic to this mad unfolding. We began with a black dog in a cave on the beach and ten minutes later it had become a story of secret, unrequited love.

There was a lovely moment last night, when one of our friends from Leeds pointed out that there are some positives to be had in these dreadful times. She said she was really glad that we were doing the workshops on Zoom, otherwise we would probably never have had the opportunity to meet.

It was lovely to see so many smiling faces and to come away with a belly full of laughs.


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