It was meant to be.

I had a call from Pam and then also Sue today which has completely made my day.

They were both ringing to let me know that they’ve been chatting on the phone and have discovered how they both have connections to an old Mill, miles away up North which has been renovated and turned into a bookshop! How amazing is that?! It turns out they have loads in common and they were both so excited about it that they both rang me.

It’s so fantastic to hear about our pen-pals becoming real friends – these two lovely ladies are already looking forward to the end of lockdown when they can both meet up for a coffee and a good face-to-face chat. These types of connections are exactly what our project is about. I’m SO GLAD to see new friendships forming at a time when it’s pretty impossible to get out and about, let alone meet people and make friends.


If you would like to join our pen-pal group you can enquire via:

Our facebook group:

Or you can contact me (Jayne) in either of the following ways:

Tel - 01726 812529

Email –

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