'It don't bounce!'

Hilarious fun had again at this week’s improv.

Tonight was AMAZING, and definitely the best workshop we’ve had so far. I felt that the group had gelled enough for me to put them into smaller groups and send them off to breakout rooms to work on their improvisations and the results were tremendous!

As it’s the 14th tomorrow our introductions all had a Valentine’s day theme which involved stories about having teeth extracted; suffering from migraines; Chocolate; Alfie Bow; David Tennant and Aiden Turner – what a combination, haha!

The first game: ‘Remember when’ was a fast paced, quick thinking, pass-the-story activity, beginning with Emily saying, ‘Do you remember when we went on that space ship’, and the next person on the list having to follow on along that train of thought. It was so funny to hear the different twists and turns of the story, but even more funny to see the panic on people’s faces when it was their turn.

The last game was all about scenarios and the group had their first go at being split up into three smaller devising teams. It was lovely to see how keen everyone was to get their teeth into some proper acting and once the teams were given their starting point scenario I sent them to the break-out rooms and left them to create their own short scenes. After five minutes or so I recalled everyone to the main Zoom room and we all sat back to watch the performances which were all very funny. The first group consisted of a couple who discovered that their anniversary meal had been double-booked and a restaurant assistant desperately trying to convince them to go in for a breakfast rather than an evening meal. The second group involved a couple trying to return a castle because it wouldn’t bounce and a telesales returns assistant who tried, and failed miserably, to explain that the castle they had purchased was just a plastic toy castle and never intended to ‘bounce’ – see photo. The final group acted out a scene from a Valentine party with a posh hostess and two very disgruntled party guests who hated being there – the hostess ended up deliberately poisoning them with her macarons. So as you can see, the acting was really on form tonight – all this being created on the spot from a very small nugget of a scenario.

The laughter and beaming faces said it all tonight, along with the fact that the group all wanted to stay on and chat after the session which was great as we all got to know each other even more.


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