Isolated improv. From Pudsey to Penryn!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

It was so great to get started with our Isolated Improv. workshops last night. As well as our Par Bay contingent, we were delighted to welcome participants from Penryn and also from as far afield as Pudsey all the way up in Leeds, so as you can imagine the introductions were extremely interesting.

We started with the questions game, where every answer must be a question, otherwise you’re OUT and your mic goes off. Surprisingly we managed to keep this going for quite a while before anyone got stumped for something to say and the questions being asked became progressively more off the wall.

Our second game was called ‘Panel of Experts’ and involved us breaking into two groups which worked well as it meant the other participants became the audience. The first group were lead into their game by ‘Katrinka Malinka’ who was hosting the show: Water, is it wet? and the topic she gave to her panel of ‘experts’ was about how to make it thick. The speed at which the group responded to this was incredible and they had us in stitches.

Then we swapped over so that our audience had a chance to play the game too, and this time the subject was how Bill Gates is going to get a chip into the Coronavirus vaccine which proved to be equally as hilarious and ending up reversed into ‘how to get a vaccine into the chips’!

The accents were certainly flying tonight!

Can’t wait to see what you’re all going to come up with next week.

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