Isolated improv. workshop write-up

Another session filled with lots of laughs tonight thanks to all that came!

We had a few rounds of ‘World’s Worst’ and met some terrible blind dates, first prison encounters and tour guides.

Then we played around with pre-written lines again, but this time working in teams where three of our actors were only allowed to use one line each - which they had to fit into the scene as many times as they could, while the fourth team member lead the scene, helping to bridge the connections between the random lines – rather tricky when you consider that the lines were real corkers! Such as: ‘Have you tried the Cow Jelly?’; ‘Why is there a chicken in the sink?’ and ‘That balloon is far too big!’

We rounded off the evening by revisiting the game from last week and starting a scene with a single line of random dialogue, this time 'What's wrong with my pasta?' turned into a remarketing scheme for some pretty deadly food, haha!


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