Installation of our first Pottery Pitcher Patchwork Mural

We started early, meeting with Jamie, our wonderful tiler man at 8:00am outside Par CoOp where the pitcher was going to be installed.

Jamie, of J C Tiling was so efficient and super quick but also taking so much care with the pottery, it was clear that he saw how much we valued the work of our lovely participants: the beautiful, unique creations, all made with love and care, and conveying something heartfelt from each individual involved.

As we watched it grow, we saw the soul of our community gradually shining out from that wall and it filled us with so much joy to see it as a complete piece, looking more stunning that we could ever have envisaged.

So many passers-by stopped to look and ask about the pitcher, all commenting on how lovely it looked and what a fantastic tribute it would be to our community. This helped to confirm for us that we had chosen the right site for this installation: safe since it is a permanently overlooked site and also a prime location to be viewed, with so many passers by. The highlight by far though, was seeing the pride on the faces of those who came along and saw their own piece of pottery patchwork pitcher there on display, as part of the big picture, for the rest of the world to see.

The design of the pitcher has changed considerably throughout our project, but the involvement and ideals have remained the same. In fact, this final design (including the second pitcher which will go up in a few weeks) has exceeded our original expectations by miles, reaching well over a hundred participants in total and now, as the wall mural is a more substantial and stronger structure, it will last for many years more that we could have hoped.

Thank you so much to Jamie, our excellent tiler who tackled the job with care and confidence. He took this all on without expecting to be paid, saying he just wanted to give something back to the community. Jamie you are a STAR!

If you ever need any tiling done we’d seriously recommend Jamie, you can email him at

A massive thank you also to Andrew, manager of Par CoOp for not only allowing us to install the pitcher on the walls of his shop, but for being completely enthusiastic from the moment we approached him.

The second Pitcher installation will be at Par CoOp on Thursday 9th September.


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