Hedgehogs + Enya

We had the funniest session by far tonight with some incredible improvising – everyone was bang on form and kept the group in stitches for pretty much the entire workshop. Water features turned into amazing ideas for sewage theme parks! And who knew that hedgehogs loved Enya, or that the Titanic didn’t actually hit an iceberg but was split by a stiletto heel!?!? Very well done guys and just imagine what we’re going to be able to produce once we can all meet and work together face-to-face!

First of all we played the numbers game, working in smaller groups where each person was assigned the number 2,3 or five: this was how many words they were allowed to say whenever they spoke. Then I gave them a scenario to work with and the rest of us sat back and watched them play it out. It was so funny watching people frantically adding up their words every time before they spoke their lines, brains were really working overtime, but everyone rose to the challenge well and managed to keep things really pacey, and also very funny.

Our second game was working from a given, and extremely random opening line that was pulled out of a hat. The first group had to start their sketch with “Let’s make a garden feature out of it…” and this was the one that developed into a sewage theme park thanks to the brilliant improvising of Sally, Jack, Josh and Jo. I just don’t know how they thought it up on the spot and I’m so glad we recorded it because no one would ever be able to write that, haha!

The other opening lines were:

“I don’t believe a word you say, you are probably not even a woman.”

“It wasn’t my hedgehog, I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.”

And we all joined in with the final one: “There was totally room for Jack on that door – Rose planned it from the start”, and this is where the story unravelled into a tale about how Rose’s stiletto was what had actually made the hole in the Titanic – not to mention that she had actually stolen the heart of the ocean necklace and thrown two children off the floating door so that she could save herself. We were all enjoying this so much that we’d run over time again without realising.

Thank you so much for your incredible acting guys – I’m so glad that my sides have a week to recover from all the laughter!


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