How to capture a baby dragon?!

Lovely to see everyone tonight and once again I was amazed with how quickly the group can think on their feet. We started with the introduction as usual which this week was quite rugby orientated since most of us had been following the England vs Scotland game tonight with Scotland having their first win at Twickenham since 1983!

We then got started with a re-visit to the questions game from week 1. In order to work well this needs quick-fire responses, but when everything has to be a question it’s far more difficult that it sounds: no one knows what they’re going to be asked and then they can’t just give a straight answer, their response has to be another question. Our group are definitely getting very good at this now as the pace was much faster tonight.

Our final game was the Experts Game. Everyone had been asked to bring along five random props for this. Participants were put in to pairs where one had to be a presenter and the other an expert. The group chose what the area of expertise was for each person and we had midwives, palaeontologists, podiatrists, entomologists and specialists in scuba diving, space ships, fine art and mythical creatures. Then, as their partner held up their chosen objects, the ‘experts’ had to explain how they fitted into their field of expertise. There were some hilarious objects, from loo-roll to shoes with souls that light up, and the specialists did a fantastic job of weaving these in, for instance our scuba diver explained that the tooth-paste held up by her presenter was essential as divers often need to share their air, making fresh breath a necessity when out on a dive, and then our expert on mythical creatures explained how a stapler can be used to capture baby dragons! - How on earth do they think of all this on the spot?!

These improvisers are all truly amazing! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next week.


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