Go Beyond... at a distance.

What a wonderful morning with the children at Go Beyond!

This was a rhythm and drumming workshop, incorporating the sound-bite for the ‘Community’ section of our tapestry: ‘Stronger and stronger and stronger, we are building community here.’

As we were fortunate enough to be able to run this as a socially distanced workshop we obviously had to make sure that all Covid-19 safety procedures were in place first: visors, face-masks, keeping socially distanced, hand sanitiser, gloves for all. We needed to be particularly careful as the drums, shakers and beaters were going to be passed around and so extra sanitisation had to take place at regular intervals. I am delighted to say that the eight young participants (year 3 – year 6) took all of this in their stride, understanding that safety must come first, and turned it into a lot of fun by writing names onto the gloves and waving them!

Our two teams of four practised processing with a banner (a mock-up of our final tapestry sail), incorporating army marching-style chants. The earthy, tribal feel of chanting in time with our stomping feet was really powerful, channelling the energy of the whole group in one determined direction.

Then we worked on drumming and clapping along to the rhythm of the sound-bite and everyone loved my water-butt drum, which incidentally made an incredible sound!

What a great morning, can’t wait to go back on Friday and see how everyone has got on with practising those beats!

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