Final Poetry workshop <sad face>

So sad that this was the last of our twelve workshops tonight ☹

Where have those weeks gone? And yet, watching you all tonight I can see how much the group has flourished and blossomed. The people who were a little shy to begin with have really come out of their shells and there is an air of confidence amongst the whole group now – even if people aren’t that happy with their poems, they are still happy to read them out to the rest of us, safe in the knowledge that they will be supported.

Tonight one of the group had to log off abruptly and Freda noticed she was missing almost immediately. Then everyone was concerned. I soon received an email explaining what had happened, which I relayed to the others and they all urged me to email, sending their love. That’s how wonderful the people in this group are!

We did an easier exercise tonight, but a lovely one, all about sense-of-place and this brought forth some smashing descriptions of home towns and then some really interesting conversations about where we all live too.

The theme was ‘Reunion’ tonight so that we could end on a hopeful note and there were some fantastic interpretations here, all beautifully written as usual.

I’ve already received some end-point feedback and am so delighted to hear how much people have enjoyed these workshops.

We’re not too sad, because even though these sessions have come to a close, we have our open-mic night on the 15th March and we’ve already agreed to start meeting up again for workshops on 1st April.

We’re not just a united band of writers anymore, WE’RE FAM NOW, AND WE WILL RETURN!!! Mmwahahahahaha (my attempt at a sinister laugh!).

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