Feeling grateful for what we miss...

I was thrilled to finally get journal writers together for our first Zoom meeting last night. It was intended to be a very quick get together just so that we could collaborate and discuss our ideas about how to present this strand of the project. I’m really glad we did this because what our participants intend to do far outreaches anything I originally hoped for. I had previously been concerned about putting too much pressure on individuals if I asked for large amounts of writing and so suggested that people tackle just one or two pieces, writing about specific occasions or events. Well, to my amazement, several of our writers are keen to do weekly or even daily journal entries which is fantastic news, and will bring so much to our project.

Now our writing will be a wonderful mixture containing colourful snapshots from important personal moments, plus longer stories laced with the finer details of daily life as seen by real people living right here in our community.

As we chatted it became clear that this lockdown has brought with it deeper wave of sadness and anxiety for some, and even though we know that the vaccine is coming, we still don’t know how long we are going to have to wait before we can properly see and hug our loved ones again. Then Freda stopped us all in our tracks when she pointed out that Covid has made her grateful, this wonderful nine year old then went on to explain that she has always taken her swimming for granted, but now, when she can finally get back into the pool again, she knows that she will appreciate and enjoy it far more than she ever did. Freda you hit the nail right on the head there and we all went away feeling warmed by our own sense of rekindled appreciation because of your wise words.

Bless you Freda!

Speaking of gratitude: to all of you wonderful participants who are willing to share your feelings and life experiences with us; the truth and honesty of your actual words will do so much more than merely authenticating our project, it will give it a sincere voice full of heartfelt meaning for future generations to hear.

Thank you lovely journal writers!


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