Cross-Pollination Poetry Open-Mic night 2. We’re gonna need that project bus!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

We were delighted with our turnout again last night, we had fifteen people attending: some as audience members; some to read and share other people’s work; and then of course our loyal band of poets, it was great.

For some reason I felt more nervous this time, wondering if people really had enjoyed our first session and whether they would return for a second time. These fears were soon allayed when my screen quickly filled up like a ‘Guess Who’ game-board as everyone signed in.

George and I noticed how the group is already gelling and getting to know each other as conversations and connections were frequently made throughout the evening. The friendly nods and smiles of anticipation, showing that people knew what to expect as certain readers stepped forward made it quite obvious that they are already becoming familiar with each other’s poetic style too. The readings were all completely special in their own way, some very deep and thought provoking, others light and full of laughs, but ALL equally valued as essential ingredients in the evening’s cauldron of magical words.

Even though a massive 18 poems were performed, along with readings of other people’s work plus extracts from an interview with Michael Rosen, we still found time to chat about our local projects – Kate shared some lovely pictures of poetry snippets which our Corby friends had pasted on walls out and about in their community. She and Lola went on to explain how these had been proper conversation starters as people read and discussed them with each other – it has been very successful in bringing people together whilst also raising the profile of poetry and proving that it is something everyone and anyone can take part in. This is definitely an idea I intend to pinch and apply down here in PL24 now, hehe!

It is incredible to belong to a group where poetry is valued, respected and enjoyed so much, but I think the highlight for George and myself is seeing how much our two groups want to bond and befriend each other – instead of ‘if’, we’re already talking about ‘when’ we can all meet up properly. Can’t wait! ☺

What we really need after lockdown is a project bus so that we can ferry our groups up and down the country to see each other!

We’ve decided that we’re going to produce a booklet of poems from each of our open-mic nights so look out for them – they’ll be coming soon.

Our next open-mic night will be on Monday April 12th.

If you’d like to join our facebook group where you can keep up to date with all future events, connect with the poets and read their wonderful words, please come along to:

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