Cross-Pollination Poetry Open-Mic night.

On Monday night we held our very first open-mic night and it turned out to be a spectacular evening with an amazing extravaganza of wonderful words: thought provoking; tear jerking; rib tickling and downright side-splitting hilarious – what a combination!

After days of planning meetings, posters and prep, George and I finally donned our glad rags and logged on to Zoom, ready to greet our participants not knowing whether there were going to be three or thirty three?

I’m glad we opened the doors early as this gave us time to sort out any technical glitches before the kick-off at 7:00pm. Thanks to my daughter Emily, who manned a phone line for any people having difficulties with logging on, George and I were able to welcome and chat with people in a most relaxed and congenial manner - while she flopped like a techy whirlwind in another room, dealing with the calls so efficiently that the evening never missed a beat – thanks Em.

We started the readings bang on time and managed to fit over twenty performances throughout the evening. No one was left out or cut short and we still had time to chat and socialise with our new friends at the end; there weren’t just poets from Corby and Par, we had people Zooming from Bodmin, Manchester and Scotland, and these lovely accents really enhanced the readings, making them even more vibrant.

There were people of all ages there and everyone was received with equal respect and appreciation. The poems were all very unique, covering a wide range of emotions and subjects from Covid to a hilarious conversation in a Cornish chippy!

As well as the poets, we also had several audience members who had come along purely to listen and support our participants, and this helped to make it feel even more like a proper, authentic open-mic night with our poets truly performing their pieces to a screen-full of faces – all smiling I’m glad to say.

At the end when we suggested continuing these gatherings on a monthly basis the vote was a unanimous ‘yes’ with thumbs up all round which filled George and I with a mixture of relief and a massive buzz of excitement. I really feel that we’re witnessing the birth of something mega here and am so glad that our projects have collided – so many new friends and so many wonderful words!


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