Clay rooms are spreading - Soon we will have a mansion!

We had new people joining our workshop today which meant that people were all working at different stages of construction and design. This was great though because it really inspired our newcomers, helping them to see what wonderful things they could achieve.

Our demonstrations facilitated independent work and it wasn’t long before the group were completely absorbed in their own designs again.

Working with clay is so very engaging at all levels because it feels so automatic and natural, and this was particularly evident today with everyone in the group finding it really easy to create symbolic representations for their ideas.

It also always seems to create a very relaxed environment and it was lovely to see the self-consciousness falling away from people today as they happily shared what they were doing, all safe in the knowledge that they were part of a very friendly and supportive group.

Another wonderful element of the Clay Rooms from Memory project is how I get to deliver the clay to everyone. This means that I meet our participants face-to-face (socially distanced and masked up of course) and we’ve had some lovely uplifting chats, which is great especially at this time, when everyone is locked away from each other.

You can find films explaining how to make the houses and lovely pictures of what people have made so far if you visit our facebook group here:

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