Christmas Party. 11th December.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Thank you so much to everyone who came along last night, it was lovely to see people from different project strands meeting and getting to know each other.

The fruits of our recipes were on display right from the start and all looking very tasty. It was fun to hear what people had made – I didn’t partake of the vegan Baileys until after the party though otherwise I would have been sending people all over the place on Zoom, haha.

During the evening we used three separate Zoom breakout rooms which we named the kitchen, dining room and living room. We met in the kitchen to chat and introduce ourselves before moving off to the living room or dining room where to take part in selected party activities. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit these rooms myself as I stayed in the kitchen, running charades and open mic poetry readings. We could tell how much fun people had had though because after ten minutes, when I pulled everyone back into the kitchen the smiles and giggles said it all. We then chatted for a while before zooming off to the next set of activities, and this process continued throughout the evening so that our party goers had an opportunity to try out everything on offer.

First up in the dining room was Caroline with her whacky ‘Strictly Come Christmas tunes’.

The keyboard was all set up and our guests had to challenge her to play well known tunes in different rhythms and styles – Jingle Bells in 5/4 time was especially ‘interesting’, haha. People had a good jig about in this room and were all full of energy when they came back.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Lynn and Suzy were running the Christmas cake doodles. Everyone was invited to draw their perfect imaginary cake and we had some beautiful designs here which fortunately some of our guests have shared (see photos).

For the next set of activities Gill was in the living room running her ceramics quiz, and the stakes were high because the winners were going to get a free workshop at her Under the Sun studio in Par. By the end of the evening we had four very delighted winners.

At the same time, Flis took centre stage in the dining room, sitting there with a freshly iced cake in front of her. This served as a blank canvas for the blocks of coloured icing and marzipan waiting at the sides, and then our guests had to challenge her to make different decorations to put on the cake. We had the obvious snowman, Father Christmas, drum, but then the not-so obvious nautical theme: a boat, light house and dolphin!? There’s also a cute little mouse running around in amidst the madness and a giant Paw Patrol Pup made by her five year old son (which is so big it wouldn’t fit on the cake!).

The poems in the kitchen were wonderful and I was so thrilled to think that Jeff and Poppy from our poetry group had actually written poems especially for our party. We asked for them to be read out again to the whole crowd and everyone loved them – look out for them, they’re well worth a read.

Thank you to all of our smashing team of artists for running these activities, but most of all, thank you to you, our fabulous participants for coming along, taking part and making the evening such a great pleasure.


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