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Another great session last night. We were all delighted to welcome our newest participants, Poppy and Lorraine who are already wowing us with their lovely words.

This week’s exercise was ‘A Day Out’ which was designed to help us locate those sensory memory triggers that can take us straight back to some wonderful moments from our past. For an example I described how the earthy smell of woodland leaf-mould instantly takes me back to childhood summers spent in the woods where my Dad used to live in Devon. It was then very interesting to see which of the senses worked best as triggers for our group when they wrote their five minute poem sketches. The memories described painted some truly beautiful scenes. This exercise also gave us a good opportunity to chat and share those memories, and get to know each other better. It certainly did feel as if our group was bonding more than ever last night, even though we’re still only four weeks in.

Simon chose ‘Travel’ for our theme and after the free-writing, the group had five minutes to write their poem sketches. When it came to reading them out, it was pretty clear how many of us live near the coast, with the sea inevitably coursing through our veins and poems, even so, these were still all very unique.

Freda’s poem was particularly impressive because she had thought right outside the box and written a thought-provoking poem about the links between climate-change and travel, it was full of hissing sibilance which clearly brought home the sizzling, evaporating waters of our beautiful planet as temperatures rise due to our continued abuse and recklessness.

Then Poppy also wowed us with her poem which she almost didn’t read at first – so glad shared it with us Poppy! Her poem reflected how precious our holiday memories are and she amplified this perfectly at the end, with the lovely image of keeping those moments in your pocked like a locket – fantastic!

The Christmas verses are all in now and next week we will be voting on which one to put in our project Christmas card.

Have a look at the poems in our gallery or check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/poetryfromparbay/

Looking forward some more of the lovely words next week!

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