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Lynn & Suzy

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Doodle, Draw, Design

Doodle, create and Connect. 

There will be twelve of these workshops and they will be accessible to anyone.  Doodlers will explore adventurous ideas and techniques, including yoga starters to centre  participants and free up the body and mind. This programme will offer pathways towards  developing individual drawing styles without inhibitions. Then, as the Covid restrictions lift,  and we have to step back into the world, the doodling will provide a relaxed and instant way  for partakers to escape as they swirl momentarily away from their fears and anxieties.  

There may also be an opportunity to continue your exploration and development of these sessions after the project has finished.

Doodle Draw Design.png
Clay rooms from memory.png

Clay rooms from memory. 

Over four weeks participants will work with air drying clay tiles to first build the basic  structure of their own mini clay house, containing just one room within. Then, taking  inspiration from their own lockdown environment, they will design and model a ‘room in  their life’ inside that one interior room.